Challenge: Reducing Waste!

Looking after the planet and all the animals on the planet is something that is really important to me, hence my decision to go Vegan and cruelty free. It has been around a year now since I started implementing these small changes into my life. These kind of changes are motivating and make you want to do more. It's a personal win, a small gain which you know is also doing fab things for the environments and the animals.

So I finally reached the point where I felt like I needed to do more. Like ok, yes, being vegan is great for the environment but what more can I? I am a religious recycler (ask my flatmates!) and I try to re-use things like old jars, plastic bottles and take my tupperware everywhere. I carry around a refillable water and coffee bottle. I take my own bags shopping and do my best to not buy the plastic ones. But... there's still a lot of room for improvement. I have recently stepped up my tooth brushing regime so I have a full compostable bamboo toothbrush and powdered toothpaste from Lush which is much more eco friendly. As I'm learning new things and the googling/ tweeting began (by far the best way to get tips), I have come up with a few ideas that I will implement in the coming months.

1. Reusable sandwich bags instead of plastic food bags. 

This is a big thing I really want to change. The amount of plastic food bags I through away is ridiculous. I use them quite regularly for storage in the fridge and to take sandwiches - one reason for this is because it tends to take up less room/space. I'd like to make more effort storing food in my tupperware, even if it takes up more space and I will investment in some washable sandwich bags/wraps. Two options I am considering are here. I think this will be a great investment and will make my lunch also look cute (always down for that!). No more plastic in the ocean, please.

2. Composting food waste 

I have expressed that this is hard to do living at university on campus but, as soon as I move back home I will be trying to compost food wastage a lot more. This is something I do irregularly (i.e. chuck my banana peel in the herbs or weeds) but, it's something I would like to make a habit out of and do on a regular basis.

3. Stainless steel razor 

I would like to thank ... for this recommendation. This is something I would NEVER have thought of myself. My bathroom products are really the main area I think I need to work on - do you ever look at your hoards of plastic bottles and question whether it is really necessary? I know you can recycle them but still.. I do currently use disposable razors so I think investing in a reusable stainless steel razor (they're supposed to last a realllllly long time) will be a very worthy investment. Roll on pay day.

4. Taking my reusable items EVERYWHERE. 

Do you ever get to Aldi and think 'Oh crap, I forgot my bags'. I always forget to put them back in the car after taking the groceries in. I really need to stop doing this. My solution - I'd like to start packing a mini reusable kit: a tote bag, water bottle, cutlery, reusable straw, steel thermal bottle (for coffee/tea), handkerchief and a tupperwear/reusable sandwich wrapper. This sounds like a lot but it's actually really easy to shove into my backpack and means I am prepared for all different situations. 

  • Educating myself. 

Ok, so there they are. My intentions for the coming months. Let's do this. Join me in an attempt to reduce waste; do good for the environment, the ocean, the animals and your bank balance. 



  1. Reusable sandwich bags is such a great idea! Plus they'll be easier to handle than flimsy plastic bags! Lovely post :)

    Anika xo |


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